Service Department
Taylor & Lloyd, Inc.  is a full service dealer in Mitsubishi, International and Cummins vehicles. We also employ a full staff of certified technicians. Taylor & Lloyd dedicates a bay for MA and DOT inspections for safety and diesel emission stickers. (Station #PB007593). We subscribe to International's ISIS training system for certification of inhouse Service Technicians. Taylor & Lloyd has even hosted many other training meetings for other Service Technicians and managers in the New England area.

$120.00 per hour shop labor rate
We operate two (2) fully equipped road side service vans for emergency road calls on a 24/7 on call basis and three (3) parts delivery vans for free. Parts delivers in our sale area.  Weekend repair service is available as critical and emergency parts during severe weather.   We are the only international Truck and Engine dealership in Massachusetts offereing these services to our customers.

$135.00 per hour Emergency Road Service Rate
$99.00 Mass/DOT Inspections